About us

Situated at the heart of Vilnius, k29 is an eye-catching business centre combining distinctive architecture and modern style on the right bank of the Neris River. The business centre idea was authored by Danish and Lithuanian design companies. The project has been developed by investment company Lords LB Asset Management, with Lords LB Baltic Fund II established specifically for this project.

The k29 office building has been designed for people. All the spaces here are characterised by practical and functional geometry forming a modern and sustainable working environment. Advanced design and interior solutions help to ensure acoustic comfort of interior spaces, block sound and absorb noise. The building interior is inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition. It is dominated by cosy and warm colours as well as premium-quality natural materials and their combinations.

A double façade and exterior blinds ensure the efficient use of energy resources in the building. The premises are equipped with chilled beams and high end automatic ventilation, heating and air handling systems.

A total of 590 parking spaces have been provided around the building and in the underground car park for your convenience. The world’s largest companies have chosen the k29 business premises for their service centres and offices – k29 is the best office building in the Baltic’s.